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Kate Upton’s Zero Gravity Photoshoot

Guess photos of astronauts, floating in mid-air because of zero gravity, is now overrated.

Kate Upton’s zero gravity photo shoot with Sports Illustrated proved that everything can be done in the name of art.

Who would have thought of seeing someone in bikini, and bouncing boobs, defying gravity?

Kate Upton nailed that photo shoot in a classy way.

Below is a clip of what transpired during the photo shoot.

You can see that the crew also had a fun time with the zero gravity shiz for the entirety of the photo shoot.

Now I know how boobs react in a zero gravity situation.


SkyDrive is Dead

Microsoft finally changed the name of SkyDrive to a new label: OneDrive.

All existing users of SkyDrive need not to worry about the files they placed inside SkyDrive because it will be automatically be moved to OneDrive.

OneDrive still retains the free 7GB of free storage space.

Microsoft will also give an additional 100GB OneDrive storage space for one year for the first one hunder thousand users who access the latest app.

By the way, for those of you who haven’t heard of SkyDrive, it’s like Dropbox and Google Drive where you can store your files on a cloud and can be accessed on any gadget.


VISPOP – Kasikas

Kasikas by Johnever Canlom

Will post lyrics and audio streaming once available.


VISPOP – Dili Pa Panahon

Dili Pa Panahon by Kenneth Corvera

Will post lyrics and audio streaming once available.


VISPOP – Intergalactic Gugma

Intergalactic Gugma by Keith Dinauto and Kaye Dinauto

Will post lyrics and audio streaming once available.