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Kraft Eden Cheese Keso de Gallo

I never thought this Christmas will be full of cheezyness not until last December 23, 2009, when I, together with some blogger friends, got to witness and join the first ever Keso de Gallo that was held at Fatima Church, Mandaue, Cebu City right after the Misa de Gallo.

keso de gallo

Keso de Gallo is a nationwide event launched and organized by the peeps of Kraft Eden Cheese. The event coincides with the traditional Misa de Gallo, a Christmas tradition of Catholics where they to go to nine dawn mass. Nine dawn mass means nine different towns in the Philipppines: Bacolod City, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Naga, Butuan City, Laoag, Cebu City and Pampanga.
Prior to the event Eden in cooperation with ABS-CBN foundation, NGOs and the local government units, organized a cook-off whereom the winning innovative dish of each town will be served to church goers after the Misa de Gallo.

Some of us had a chance to interview the one behind the winning dish here in Cebu, she’s Ms. Lorna Angcay, a grade 5 teacher (if memory serves me right) and teaching at San Nicolas Elementary School, Cebu City. Her winning dish is the Mixed Vegetable Maja Con Keso, it’s made of Cornstarch, Coconut Milk, Evaporated Milk, Refined Sugar, Moringa powder, Vanilla, Kraft Eden Cheese, Squash, Monggo, Carrots, Ube, and Kraft Eden Cheese Quickmelt.

ms. lorna angcay

Ms. Lorna Angcay said that a lot of her students don’t like eating vegetables, so she came up with an idea of making such a delicious and healthy food for them. Why not make a healthy Maja? As we all know, Maja is mostly composed of cornstarch, coconut milk, etc.

And yeah, there was a photo contest during the event but sadly i didn't won. haha!

keso de gallokeso de gallo

I would like to thank Miss Janette Toral for the invitation to join this event. Without her invitation I will never got a chance to witness such an amazing event where you can see the smiles of the church goers while eating the Mixed Vegetable Maja Con Keso of Ms. Lorna Angcay, to Ms. Amor Maclang of Geiser Maclang, and congratulations to Alex Tacderas, Category Marketing Manager for Cheese and Spoonables, Kraft Foods Philippines for a successful event.

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Mixed Vegetable Maja Con Keso Recipe

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  1. that was soooo muccchhhh fun!!!! lab it!


  2. Great to catch up with you Clarence. Happy New Year and may your 2010 wishes come true!


    clado Reply:

    happy new year to you and your family. Ms. Janette =]


  3. cheezy indeed. spread the message of christmas in whatever ways we can: and this is one of them. good concept for a company. :)


  4. lami.. very nice event. the breakfast was a big winner!


  5. Wow! sarap ng cheese na yan ah.Talagang masarap na pang halo sa spaghetti, Salad, Ice cream o halo halo. Iba kasi yung cheezyness na dinadagdag niya sa mga pagkain eh.


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