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Flappy Bird – Download Flappy Bird At Your Own Risk

Flappy_Bird_DownloadA couple of days back, while checking my Facebook newsfeed during the wee hours of the day, I noticed some screenshots of a game with a bird posted by my friends who are not really in to gaming. Being a curious person I checked it and the first thing that came to my mind that it’s a game like that of Mario Brothers. Maybe because of the huge green pipes that was so common in every Mario Brothers game – but I was wrong.

Those people who posted the screenshot didn’t placed on the caption the name of the game, but there was a comment on one of the post that goes like “fapping bird.” Fapping? Well, we all know what that word means but seriously? That’s the name of the game? I then checked Apple’s application store and Google Play but using the keyword “fappy bird” since it sounds more descent I suppose. And yeah, I finally found the name of the game. It’s Flappy Bird!

Flappy Bird was launched last year by the guys from GEARS Studios, but became one of the most downloaded mobile application by 2014. To tell you honestly, the game has a crappy graphics. Flappy Bird is easy to play though but it is so hard to get pass between those pesky green pipes that you need to call on either Mario or Luigi to do the thing.

For bird to fly, you need to tap the screen to flap its wings or it will plummet and will end the game. All you have to do is to avoid the pipes. That’s it. Avoid the pipes to win the game but the pesky-dick lip looking bird is so hard to control. You need to get the right rhythm of the tap and the exact calculation to get pass through the pipes. That’s effing hard for a boring looking game, right?

I downloaded the Flappy Bird application on both Android and iOS device. On the Android device there was no pause button unlike the iOS version. Furthermore; on the Android version of Flappy Bird the bird changes its colour ever round, whilst on the iOS version it only has one colour.

So far I enjoyed playing Flappy Bird. I might post a screenshot of the game if I get a higher score.

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  1. this game is the death of your phone


  2. I took a look at the Android version. If you extract the apk and head to the folder /assets/gfx/ and open atlas.png, there’s also a pause button. I was wondering why it’s included in the game’s apk but isn’t displayed? Maybe it’s a bug and will be enabled for Android devices too. I hope so, would make it easier.
    Anyways, it seems easy to modify/theme the game through the atlas.png. I’m thinking about building a redesigned apk. If anybody has got theme ideas, reply to this post. :)


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