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Kate Upton’s Zero Gravity Photoshoot

Guess photos of astronauts, floating in mid-air because of zero gravity, is now overrated.

Kate Upton’s zero gravity photo shoot with Sports Illustrated proved that everything can be done in the name of art.

Who would have thought of seeing someone in bikini, and bouncing boobs, defying gravity?

Kate Upton nailed that photo shoot in a classy way.

Below is a clip of what transpired during the photo shoot.

You can see that the crew also had a fun time with the zero gravity shiz for the entirety of the photo shoot.

Now I know how boobs react in a zero gravity situation.


Low End

It was a Saturday night and it was raining really hard and I was tired from a baptism, of which I have nothing to do with.  Me and a friend of mine was just there to setup something.  A rather small business that we've been running for almost two years not.  But let's not get delve more into that.

So it was a rainy night and got home around 4pm from an event and I have a scheduled recording.  Well, it's not actually MY recording but of a friend whom I happened to know for six months now and I don't know why I feel so comfortable around her.  Maybe because she's kinda like my grand mother.  Though she plays guitar and granny plays piano.

Anyhow, her producer, which happens to be my friend, texted me and asked if I could make it.  I said YES and the rain just went wild.  I don't have my own car so it's kinda hard for me to go to the studio without getting wet.  And thanks to my aunt for driving me to the studio and being a "hero" that night.  Well, I don't effing care if I get wet.  I'm more worried of my guitar.  Guitars are made of wood.  Yes, wood, not marbles.

Bass Recording

So I arrived at the studio a little late.  An hour late.  Good thing they started a bit late too.  The producer, artist and the sound engineer greeted me with a warm smile.  Just what I needed on a cold rainy night.

And I did my thing.  Recorded the bass lines on three of my friend's song.  It will be part of her album that will be released very soon.  If they liked the bass lines I wrote then I'll be a lucky to lay in the bass tracks of the remaining two songs.  By the way, some time in January I recorded four bass tracks of her songs.  That was my first time to work with my producer friend.  It's a nerve wracking experience.  But it's all good. The experience is worth it.


PS. We did something interesting when we recorded one of the tracks. Will have it on another post. ;)


Thank You 2012


The dates and venues where I had pure fun:

January 15 - FHM Bar, Cebu City:


Buhi Pa Ko

Maayong adlaw!

Ania pa ako.

Nagpahipi ra kaninyo.

Kumusta na mo?

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Pupil Live [Full Set]

The whole set was shot with GoPro Hero 1.