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I started out as a big fan of the band, and then became their session guitarist for four months when their vocalist went into indefinite hiatus.  After three years since the last time I played with them I happened to stumble upon their drummer’s Facebook status update that they will have a gig in Butuan City.  So I jokingly asked him if I could come with them and be one of their roadie for that gig, and I was surprised that he said yes.

I wasn’t really planning to go with them because I have a scheduled flight to MNL on that same day we need to leave for Butuan.  Also, I and my friend were waiting for that day ‘coz we were planning to go to Clark that time since it was the hot air balloon festival.  We’ve been anxious before the trip and our itinerary were already complete.  So I think and re-think over and over again whether to go with the band or fly to MNL with my friend.

After thinking of the moolah I need to churn out  to enjoy the MNL trip I decided to go with the band.

By going to Butuan with the band as a roadie I need not to pay for transportation, hotel accommodation, and all.  The organizers and sponsors of the gig will be the one paying all those shit.  Also the best part of it I will be paid for my service as roadie.

To cut the long story short, a year after I decided to go with the band as a roadie, they asked me to play bass for them.  To be honest I was caught off-guard that time.  I wasn’t really expecting good news that night because I was really pissed with the weather and I was soaking wet.

It was a cold and rainy Wednesday night rehearsal of the band, four days to go before the Sinulog festival gig.  For my part I had four days to learn all the songs of the band on bass.  I started out as a bassist of a street side band in my neighborhood but playing bass for the band was a different story.  I do play as a session guitarist of the band at a young age and all I know is to play their songs on a guitar.  Bass lines of their songs weren’t really that hard, but given four days to master all of their songs was just nerve wracking. To think that a lot of people looked up to the band, I couldn’t afford to mess with the chords on stage.

Anyhow, it all went well though I f**ked up some of the chords but nobody is perfect.  Even professional musicians sometimes hit C instead of G.  As long as it’s an A performance no one would bother to shout B.


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  1. congrats and good luck sa inyong mga gigs, clarence! :)


    Clarence Reply:

    Salamat Kit.
    Dad-a mi sa Davao!


  2. gusto kaayo ko. ngita lng ko ug saktong panahon :)


  3. Paytera! Taas-taas na gyod diay ang imong ‘nabiyahe’ bai. Im a big fan of MF. Huh! I can’t Confessional. What else should I say? Clarence rocks!


  4. woohoo! congrats brad! suyaa uy, wa ko kakita ninyo pag cookout da!


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