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Just Smile


When you’ve become wary, callous, and defensive because you don’t want to get hurt.

When you know you’re careless with your feelings.

When you know everything will end up nasty.

When you know you’re not good enough for her.

When you know she doesn’t deserve you.

When you know you’re just nothing.

Just smile.

It confuses people.

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Vispop Music Festival

Vispop Music Festival

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Note To Self

Dili ka gwapo.

Ayaw pangandoy og gwapa.

Wa kay ayo.

Ayaw pangita og bright dinha.

Damgo lang.

Makabot ra na nimo tanan.

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I first heard this song last year whilst my friends were preparing for their TEDx talk, and I was like I wish I was the one who wrote this song.

Here's one of the verse of the song nga duot sa bukog:

Selos nga lisod gyud kapugngan

Labaw na'g siya ang imong kauban

Ngano ma'ng mahadlok ko'ng ma wa' ka

Nga wa man g'yud tika ma akoa

Pagka payter!

Pagka bagsik!

Pagka nindot!

Pagka bisaya!

Share this song to your maoy friends and make them more maoy.

I sound so conyo! Anyhoo, enjoy!

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Freelancing Shiz

Weekend and working.

Kinsay gasulti hayahay ang mag freelance?

Not complaining though.

Most of my friends are not nine-to-five kind of peeps.

But you can't see a hint of stress on their faces.

All smiles.

All the time.

Every time.

Gawas kung gugma na hisgotan.