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Cebu Ocean Park

Cebu Ocean Park

I'm pretty much excited about this attraction.

The guys from SM will soon open the first Ocean Park here in VisMin area.

I've been to Manila Ocean Park and Hong Kong Ocean park and I really had fun checking out the various species of sea creatures.

I just hope that there will be no dolphin shows in Cebu Ocean Park.


Gugmang Giatay Musical Experience

I was not part of the cast.

Dili pud ko producer, director o writer sa mao nga musical.

I was with the guys who were just doing their thing sa alimuot ug abogon nga balcony ibabaw sa mga tao nga nanan-aw.

Wala mi mang reklamo kay gawas sa “trabaho” dili mi mga arti nga mga tao.

Di mi makita apan inyo mi nga ma feel. Sa lagobo og sa hagishis, sa feed back ug sa hagong.

Lahi among entablado. Dili kayo bugnaw ug kinda ngiob kaayo. Naay nagpungko ug nagbarog; naay mukalit lang og agik-ik tungod sa mga eksena nga sa kapila na namo’g balik-balik og tanaw kay di gihapon mapakyas og pakatawa kanamo.

Gugmang Giatay Musical Band
(c) Zach Escobedo

Bisan pa man og di mi makita sa mga tao, feeling namo apil na mi sa mga artista nga nangbuhi sa ilang nagkadaiyang mga linya nga daw dad-on ka sa panahon nga ikaw napakyas o nakamatngon og tumang kalipay tungod sa gugma.

Ngilo, apan tinuod.

Mga linya nga duot sa bukog.

Mao ra pud og sa mga gitara, baho, piano, tambol ug sa mga backup nga bokalista. Wala man mi mga linya kabahin sa gugma, anaa mi mga instrumento nga gipa istorya. Mga istorya nga gibutang sa mga tagsa-tagsa nga nota nga among gitapoy, gituplok ug gihapak.

Gugmang Giatay Musical Band
(c) Zach Escobedo

Lingaw siya nga kasinatian.

Usahay makapungatana ko: nganong naapil ko aning grupoha nga dili man gyud ko maayo nga bahista?

Grupo sa mga bangiitan nga musikero sa Sugbo. Mga musikero nga dili nimo pirmi'ng makitan manukar sa Sugbo apan nahibaw ka nga mga maayo; mga musikero nga way hangin ug dili hambugiro; mga musikero nga latagaw apan seryoso; ug labaw sa tanan mga musikero nga wa ka mahibaw nga imong gidamgo nga makauban nimo.

Check out the review below by Joe Branzuela.

So I watched GG the musical and here are some thoughts: It well explored and depicted areas of socio-psychology in the context of Visayan pop culture-- family, stratification, gender roles, and conflict resolution to name a few. Such ingredients really lead to a play that everyone could easily relate to. How brilliant, sir Jude Gitamondoc! Relevant were your characters and scenes. And (someone tag him, he has too much friend requests na so i can't add him haha) @Rowell Ucat aka medyo maldito's punchlines added to each character's depth. Truly, Cebuano theatre is not dead.And of course. THE BAND. SOUNDED. AWESOME. Congratulations to my favourite kaliwat sa ungo Zach and Joshua. To the rest of the members, namely Jad, Clado, Felipe, Henrick, Nigel, Uly. You are all proof that passion without discipline won't get you to sound incredible. It certainly doesn't take overnight to get musicians to perform as wonderfully as you did. Btw, the chord progression sa chorus of the song I uploaded is GYUD a favourite, hehe.Shout out to the constantly in character, and performance level actresses Therese and Paola! Well done, you lovers of theater! To Les Paul P for the stress free ticket acquisition (but stress filled stage management, noh?) and wahine Loi Brodeth for the awesome companionship. Kurt, can't wait to see your video footages! :-)May we never be puffed up by celebrations from such victories but instead look to Christ to examine the source of our motivations and joys. Truly all beautiful things, like music and theatre, are areas in which God is sovereign over. May He be glorified. :-)

Posted by Joe Branzuela on Monday, October 26, 2015


CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices

Cebu Bloggers Society (CBS), Waterfront Cebu City

Hotel and Casino and Smart Communications present

#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices

#CBSTalks: Best Blogging Practices is one of the major events that Cebu Bloggers

Society is holding this year. This initiative manifests the Society’s commitment to

promote best practices and nurture professionalism in blogging and social



Vispop 4.0 Rules

Vispop 4.0 Rules

Vispop 4.0 Rules:

1. A rough demo recording (voice/guitar or voice/keyboard) will do, as long as the melody, chords and lyrics are clear.

2. A contestant  can only enter a maximum of four (4) songs, either as a sole composer or collaborator.

3. The song entry must NOT be a previously published or released.  This includes uploading on social media platforms like Youtube or Soundcloud.

4. The song length must not exceed 4 minutes and 30 seconds.

5. As a general rule, the lyrics of the song must be in Bisaya.  However, English/Filipino words as well as colloquial expressions and other made-up terms may be used if they contribute to the charm of the song.

6. Entries with incomplete requirements will be automatically disqualified.

7. All entries previously submitted to Vispop 1 to 3 are automatically disqualified.  We are not accepting re-entries.

Download Vispop entry form here.


Vispop 4.0 Now Open for Submissions

Vispop 4.0 is now open for submissions.

Vispop 4.0 Submissions

To join, email the following requirements to vispop@artistko.com:

  1. Scanned duly accomplished entry form in jpeg format.
  2. Lyrics in doc format.
  3. 2" x 2" photos of the composer/lyricist in jpeg format
  4. mp3 file of the entry song

Download Vispop entry form here.
Read Vispop Rules here.